Aromen GreenSpace enhances the air quality in every room. With delightful botanicals such as pine, orange, mint, and eucalyptus, every breath you take is elevated to a new experience which has a positive influence on the body and our state of mind.



creates a unique smell experience



creates a pleasant environment



creates a clean and healthy environment



is 100% organic

A GreenSpace is a pleasant environment.

With the BioPure Blends, you create a fragrant and pleasant experience which supports a positive environment. Or as we call it; a GreenSpace.

The unique and aromatic fragrances create a climate where we can feel comfortable and content. Not only does it shape memorable and positive experiences, it also enhances the satisfaction of your customers and staff.

A GreenSpace is a healthy environment.

GreenSpace uses only 100% organic, essential oils.

The use of Aromen essential oils contribute to a clean, healthy and pleasant air quality. And that’s noticeable! Every breath you take is a relief. 

The right atmosphere in every environment.

By using scent you can improve the mood in every room.

Scent is the most powerful of all senses and excercises therefore an important function on the state of mind. So shall rosemary and peppermint have an invigorating effect in your meeting room, and pine and lemon a sense of vitallity in your reception.

GreenSpace diffusers

The Aromen GreenSpace diffusers are user-friendly and have a modern design. The one-time timer setting and the large essential oil tank allows the diffusers to function automatically.

Nanotechnology diffuses the BioPure blend into the air. This innovative technique allows the smallest particles in the air to disperse. The advantages of this technique are a homogeneous distribution over the entire space, optimal therapeutic efficacy and durabilty. 


Compact and flexible

For spaces of 100m³ – 150m³
For spaces of 150m³ – 200m³

Operates on mains voltage or batteries
Standalone or wall-mounted
Automatic setting of times and strength via LED display

Suitable rooms: reception, office, conference room, hotel, restroom, store, yoga room


WIFI management

For spaces of 100 – 300m³
For spaces of 300 – 1000m³

Operates on mains voltage
Standalone or wall-mounted
Automatic time setting and strength via App
Link multiple devices via WIFI
Possibility to connect on the ventilation system

Suitable spaces:
reception, office, conference room, hotel, shop, wellness centers, sports centers, hospitals, residential care centers, government institutions


for large spaces

for spaces between 1000m³ and 2000m³

Operates on mains voltage
Automatic setting of times and strength via App
Connectable via Bluetooth
Large 880 ml reservoir

Suitable spaces:
reception, shop, showroom, wellness centers, sports centers, public buildings, hospitals, residential care centers, government institutions

Aromen Diffuser Blends

The Aromen Diffuser blends were developed out of a passion for nature and science.

Aromatherapy has been studying the effects of essential oils for decades. Inhaling the molecules sets of a wave of physiological reactions in our body. Numerous studies prove how the molecules of plants influence our mood and have a supportive role in our wellbeing. With our blends, we combine a delightful scent experience with an advantage to our health.

Aromen BioPure Blend

Aromen BioPure is a composition of eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, lemon and bergamot. Scientific research was able show their strong antibacterial and antiviral properties using diffusion. This is the basis of all BioPure blends.

Enhances the air quality

Supports the airways and aids in breathing

Subtle, fresh, harmonious, and clean

100% essential oils and organically certified

BioPure Seasonal Blends

The performance of BioPure for extra seasonal support.

Every season has its scent. Spring is associated with cleaning, summer with holidays, autumn with forests, and winter with nostalgic fragrances.

BioPure Spring

BioPure blend with lemon and pine

Pine for its purifying properties. The invigorating fresh notes of lemon.

  • Purifies
  • Vitalises
  • Invigorating, fresh and fruity

BioPure Summer

BioPure blend with lavender and peppermint

Lavender is known as the king of essential oils because of its versatile properties. It is known to purify the air as well as to promote a relaxed atmosphere. Peppermint is known
for its cooling properties.

  • Purifies
  • Refreshes
  • Fresh, floral and spicy

BioPure Autumn

BioPure blend with cedar and balsamfir

Both balsam fir and cedar for their purifying and supporting effect on the airways.

  • Purifies
  • Supports the airways
  • Balanced, fresh and woody

BioPure Winter

BioPure blend with cinnamon and orange

The scent of orange is well-known to incite feelings such as cheerfulness and joy. Cinnamon is a warming scent and is known for boosting the immune system.

  • Purifies
  • Heats
  • Warm, fruity and spicy

BioPure Mood Blends

Create the perfect environment

BioPure Relax

BioPure with lavender and orange

Lavender, together with orange, promotes a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Calming
  • Creates a relaxed atmosphere

BioPure Focus

BioPure with rosemary and peppermint

Rosemary for the enhancement of concentration. Peppermint for its refreshing and invigorating properties. Together they contribute to an ideal working environment.

  • Invigorating
  • Stimulates productivity
  • Increases the concentration

Aromen Single notes

Are you looking for a specific scent or do you want to link a scent to your company, product line or event? With our assortment of over 90 essential oils, we like to think with you.
Contact us for more advice or a customised scent

Aromen GreenSpace in four simple steps

Step 1: Choose the type of diffuser according to the space type.

Step 2: Choose the blend based on the desired effect.

Step 3: Set your automatic program and enjoy the benefits of GreenSpace.

Step 4: After an average of 10 weeks, refill your blend.

We offer customised advice. Contact us.

Aromen BV
Drieslaan 58
8560 Gullegem

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +32(0)56907941
Whatsapp: +32(0)471676573

    Who we are?

    Aromen is a young and dynamic Belgian company. Over the past eight years, we have been able to grow thanks to the drive of our whole team that all share the same passion and enthusiasm for wellbeing.

    Founded by Martijn Vanhoorelbeke and Jurgen De Meester, in partnership with Dr. Stephen Lewis. Their expertise and passion for nature and science drive them to develop various models that support wellbeing through aromatherapy
    and making it easy to integrate into everyday life.

    Martijn is a certified herbalist, Jurgen is an agricultural and biotechnology engineer and Dr. Stephen Lewis is a respected physician who specialises in preventive and immunity therapies.

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