GreenSpace – better wellbeing and health

Dr. Stephen Lewis

A GreenSpace provides better wellbeing and health with every breath you take.

A wholesome environment is a living environment in which we feel good, from a mental and physical perspective. Where the air we breathe has a profound, positive effect on our health and our happiness.

This is the notion with which herbalist Martijn Vanhoorelbeke and bio-engineer Jurgen De Meester, doctor Stephen Lewis and a team of professionals developed the system GreenSpace.

In a GreenSpace, organic, essential oils are dispersed in tiny particles throughout the room that, in addition to their fragrant, natural scent, directly benefits the physical aspects of health. These oils improve the quality of the air and have a positive influence on our mental wellbeing.

Owing to the chemical structure, the correct dosage, and the right blend, essential oils have a wide spectrum of beneficial effects. The science behind this is well-proven and shows that aromatherapy has beneficial effects on different levels.

The immediate effect of diffusing essential oils is the wonderful scent in the room, which creates a pleasant environment. This is the basis of the GreenSpace concept. Because of their connection with the limbic system, the scents of bergamot, lemon, orange, and pine improve mood, decrease stress and bring you into a positive state of mind (1, 2, 3).

The positive effects of essential oils are extensively researched; they promote health, both directly and indirectly.

A GreenSpace with BioPure blends – a scientific approach

The scents of BioPure blends create a unique GreenSpace experience
The scents of BioPure blends create a unique GreenSpace experience

Due to the careful selection of fragrances and the mixing of specific oils, BioPure blend has a direct effect on the air quality. Because these oils have a variety of antimicrobial effects, they can attack pathogenic (viral, bacterial and fungal) microorganisms which create cleaner air. This depends on the active, chemical components in the oil. The main constituents vary between the oils and this determines their effectiveness against various pathogens. The mode of action appears to be due to a disruption of the cell membrane of the pathogen; they lead to an increase in cell permeability, leading to the leakage of vital cellular components (4).

GreenSpace has many fragrances such as eucalyptus

Looking at these oils individually, their combined benefit can be demonstrated. Eucalyptus globulus and its major constituent 1,8-cineole have demonstrable antimicrobial activity. In particular, this oil works against H. influenza and streptococci and has positive anti-inflammatory effects (reduction of interleukins and neutrophil infiltration) and immune-stimulating activity (increased phagocyte activity of monocytes and macrophages). In combination with tea tree oil (and its main ingredient terpinine-4-ol, bergamot), thyme (1,8-cineole) and cinnamon (eugenol), the air quality can be further improved. That is to say, they have all been shown to be active against the influenza virus.

Thyme, eucalyptus globulus and tea tree oil provide an additional benefit to the respiratory system due to their positive influence on the nasal mirror function – an important part of the protective mechanism in the respiratory system (5678262831). Cinnamon and thyme are particularly potent against nebulized bacterial pathogens (910), and thyme can also inhibit the formation of a biofilm, an important part of bacterial resistance (11). Eucalyptus staigeriana (citral) has recently been shown to have an inhibitory effect against the new COVID-19 protease. Furthermore, eucalyptus has been shown to help against viral infections (12). The optimisation of air quality because of the antimicrobial properties of different oils offers a reduction in the viral and bacterial properties in the air and can be very beneficial for the prevention of diseases.

This is further complemented by the direct influence of these essential oils on the respiratory tract itself. The oils in the BioPure Blend, especially the 1,8-cineole, support the respiratory tract due to its anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator and mucolytic properties. This can be very beneficial in sinus conditions, hay fever, bronchial conditions and asthma (526, 2728).

GreenSpace creates a pleasant room to reside in

Health is a barometer

Health is a barometer of how we live, with physical fitness, mental well-being, good nutrition and sleep being the most important factors. Good sleep quality (on average 7-9 hours (13)) is so important because it helps to maintain a robust immune system. In doing so, it enables us to deal with everyday stress more effectively. A good night’s sleep is crucial: chronic stress can lead to illness and inefficiency at work. By reducing chronic stress and promoting quality of sleep, tangible health benefits will emerge, including a reduction in disease, an increase in workplace productivity, and an overall improvement in mood (14).

Health is a barometer of how we live with physical fitness, mental well-being, good nutrition, and sleep being the key factors. Good quality sleep of 7-9 hours (13) is so important as it helps maintain a robust immune system and allows us to deal more effectively with life’s stresses. This is critical as chronic stress can lead to disease and reduced efficiency at work. If we can reduce chronic stress levels and boost good quality sleep then there would be tangible benefits to people’s health, illness reduction, workplace productivity, and general mood (14).

An environment where the room is enriched with delightful and carefully selected scents offers an important benefit for our well-being. The olfactory organ is the most powerful sense with strong neural connections, especially the limbic system. Specific scents have a significant influence on the affective and cognitive state of humans, promoting calmness, alertness and positivity (1). Eucalyptus (1,8-cineole) has been shown to be very effective in reducing anxiety (15) and bergamot in managing chronic stress and anxiety (16, 25). Lemon encourages a positive mood (17, 23). In addition, research on lavender showed an impact on mood and the autonomic system, with a reduction in stress, anxiety and significantly improved sleep patterns (18, 21, 30, 32).

With the fragrance of lavender you create a relaxing GreenSpace

Seasonal health support

As the season’s change, our environment changes. Immunity levels and mood fluctuate with the differences in the climate, so our bodies need extra support to maintain good homeostasis. The GreenSpace system supplements the BioPure blend with two or more essential oils selected according to the season.

In the fall, there is an increase in respiratory diseases. The qualities of cedar and spruce in oils optimise the quality of the air because of their antimicrobial properties, supporting the airways and achieving decongestant and mucolytic actions (19). In winter, cinnamon helps to protect and stimulate the immune system. Cinnamon has an anti-microbial effect on the respiratory pathogens (9), which is usually weakened due to inactivity, nutrition and lack of vitamin D. Orange essential oil supplements the warming effect of cinnamon and improves mood. In this way, seasonal mood disorders can be repaired or prevented (20, 23).

The onset of spring is a time of awakening. The uplifting and mood-enhancing lemon essential oil reflects the blooming environment. Paired with Swiss pine, which in addition to its amazing scent, ensures the preservation of air quality (23, 29). BioPure Summer uses the classic oils of lavender and peppermint. Lavender has a wide variety of benefits, including antimicrobial activity that helps purify the air (21) and the well-known relaxing effect (18, 30, 32). This is important during sympathetic pressure, obtained through ambient heat and high humidity. The accompanying peppermint oil adds refreshment to the environment.

Creating the right atmosphere with GreenSpace

With GreenSpace you can create the ideal room
Aromen GreenSpace offers you the ideal environment to work in

At certain times, the environment requires a specific mood, regardless of the season. Productivity and efficiency at work always benefit from increased concentration and alertness. The BioPure Focus essential oil, composed of rosemary and refreshing peppermint, encourages this (2224).

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Conversely, BioPure Relax uses the calming and soothing properties of extra lavender oil (18, 21, 30, 32) and is supplemented with orange for a completely relaxed environment (20,23).

The use of orange is perfect for a relaxing environment

By carefully mixing and enriching specific essential oils depending on the season and the desired mood, a genuine wellness environment can be created. One that has air quality and a positive effect on mental well-being, physical health and creates a wonderfully scented environment.

Written by Dr. Stephen Lewis and Martijn Vanhoorelbeke


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